Maha Shivrathri

Krishna Patcha Chadhurthi Thidi Night of the Tamil month Maasi is regarded as Shivrathri. During Pralaya Kaala, the creations created by Lord Brahma faced destruction and Goddess Parvathi prayed Lord Shiva to rescue the world from destruction. The night on which Devi worshipped Lord Shiva is considered by Devas as Shivrathri. Based on this fact, the devotees do not sleep on that day and they read Shiva Puranam, Sing Devotional Thudhi Songs and chant the Asta Mantras:

Om Sreem Bavaya Namaha [ஓம் ஸ்ரீ்ம் பவாய நம]         

Om Sarvaya Namaha [ஓம் ஸர்வாய நம]        

Om Rudhraya Namaha [ஓம் ௫த்ராய நம]           

Om Pasupathaye Namaha [ஓம் பசுபதயே நம]          

Om Maha Devaya Namaha [ஓம் மகா தேவாய நம]        

Om Beemaya Namaha [ஓம் பீமாய  நம]        

Om Eesanaya Namaha [ஓம் ஈசானாய நம]        

Om Shivaya Namaha [ஓம் சிவாய நம]        

The four jamas of the night, devotees’ Bhajan, Vedhiyars’ Veda Mantra Uchadanam and Archanai adornments with special poojas are performed at the celebration of Shivrathri.