Kandha Sashti Carnival

In the temple of Bala Muruga Kanda Sashti Thiruvizha is commemorated for six days. First day with the function of “Kaappukattu” the devotees start their fasting. Continuous programmes like Bhajans, Devotional songs, Oration on Aanmigam will be held. Sixth day is the day Annai Para Sakthi gifted Bala Murugan with a “Sakthi Vel” which is endowed with divine powers to fight demons. After getting the Powerful ‘Vel’ Lord Muruga runs furious to destruct Soorapatma. The battle between Lord Muruga and the Pride Soorapatma and his brothers is enacted on the streets around the temple and soorasamhara will be held on the hillock. The devotees’ praise “Vetti Velanukku Arohara” dazzles the sky and meanwhile Lord Muruga defeats the demon Soorapatma. The next day of soorasamhara, the ceremony “Thirukkalyanam” beween Subramanya (Lord Muruga) and Deivayanai, Valli is celebrated and with this function Kandha Sashti Thiruvizha gets over.