Thai Ten days Festival

Ten days festival will be festinated for Lord Anandha Krishna in the Tamil month Thai. On these days the cultural programmes such as Oration/speech on Aanmigam, debate on issues related to Dharma, Devotional Music Programmes, Classical Dance Bharathanatiyam, Instrumental Music: Kambi Izhai Vathiyam, Uloga Vathiyam, Thunai and Thol Vathiyam will be played.

On the ninth day of the festival, the Car festival for Lord Anandha Krishna will be solemnized. On the tenth day at the star of Ayilyam, Aarattu for Lord Anandha Krishna will be commemorated. The devotees visit the temple on these ten days and gain the blessings of Gods.

Monthly Ayilya Festival

When Lord Maha Vishnu, who sleeps on the divine serpant Adhishesha, has taken the avatar of Lord Rama, Adhishesha has born as Rama’s brother Lakshman. Lakshman’s birth star is Ayilya. So every month the day of Ayilya star, special poojas are performed for Sree Nagaraja, who is the feature of Adhishesha. People affected with Naga dosha and Raahu and Kedhu doshas offer Milk anoint (Paalabishegam) and they offer Paal Payasam to Sree Nagaraja. At night in the inner sanctum of the shrine there will be “Swami Eluntharulal”. This festival takes part in every month on the day of Ayilya star.

Monthly Special Poojas on Sundays

King Marthanda Varma worshipped Sree Nagaraja on Sundays and got cured of his leprosy in a miraculous way. After getting cured also, he vistited the temple every Sunday and performed poojas. Following the King, the people started to worship Sree Nagaraja on Sundays and offer their tributes to Sree Nagaraja. So the shrine will be crowded on Sundays, especially women will be seen in waves to offer milk anoint (abishegam) to the idols of Nagas dwell on the stage under the Peepal tree. Because of the crowd of these devotees, the shrine seems to be in a festival.

Avani Sunday Celebrations

Kerala Tradition is followed in this temple. Avani is the first month according to Malayalam Calendar. Moreover, Sunday is a suitable day to solemnize poojas for Raahu. Thus, the Sundays on the month of Avani have become a Festival.

People from various parts of the country gather in the temple and spread turmeric on the heads of Naga idols and pour milk on it and they tribute Milk, Salt, Pepper and Wooden dolls to Sree Nagaraja. On the last Sunday of this month people will be crowded in waves with their families. So the day becomes a grand festival.

Thirukkarthikai Deepa Thirunaal

To honor the divine fire of Lord Shiva, on the Thirukkarthikai Deepa Thirunaal special poojas are performed to Lord Rudhra. On the hillock (once Theppakulam) which is in front of the Maha Meru Maligai Entrance, Chokkarukku, Chokkapanai deepam will be lit and celebrated grand. The devotees get the grace of Annamalaiyan (Lord Shiva) through their devotional songs and prayers. The next day comes the star Rohini and there will be a celebration “Kaalnaattu Vizha” for the Thai Thiruvizha.

Maha Shivrathri

Krishna Patcha Chadhurthi Thidi Night of the Tamil month Maasi is regarded as Shivrathri. During Pralaya Kaala, the creations created by Lord Brahma faced destruction and Goddess Parvathi prayed Lord Shiva to rescue the world from destruction. The night on which Devi worshipped Lord Shiva is considered by Devas as Shivrathri. Based on this fact, the devotees do not sleep on that day and they read Shiva Puranam, Sing Devotional Thudhi Songs and chant the Asta Mantras:

Om Sreem Bavaya Namaha [ஓம் ஸ்ரீ்ம் பவாய நம]         

Om Sarvaya Namaha [ஓம் ஸர்வாய நம]        

Om Rudhraya Namaha [ஓம் ௫த்ராய நம]           

Om Pasupathaye Namaha [ஓம் பசுபதயே நம]          

Om Maha Devaya Namaha [ஓம் மகா தேவாய நம]        

Om Beemaya Namaha [ஓம் பீமாய  நம]        

Om Eesanaya Namaha [ஓம் ஈசானாய நம]        

Om Shivaya Namaha [ஓம் சிவாய நம]        

The four jamas of the night, devotees’ Bhajan, Vedhiyars’ Veda Mantra Uchadanam and Archanai adornments with special poojas are performed at the celebration of Shivrathri.

Kandha Sashti Carnival

In the temple of Bala Muruga Kanda Sashti Thiruvizha is commemorated for six days. First day with the function of “Kaappukattu” the devotees start their fasting. Continuous programmes like Bhajans, Devotional songs, Oration on Aanmigam will be held. Sixth day is the day Annai Para Sakthi gifted Bala Murugan with a “Sakthi Vel” which is endowed with divine powers to fight demons. After getting the Powerful ‘Vel’ Lord Muruga runs furious to destruct Soorapatma. The battle between Lord Muruga and the Pride Soorapatma and his brothers is enacted on the streets around the temple and soorasamhara will be held on the hillock. The devotees’ praise “Vetti Velanukku Arohara” dazzles the sky and meanwhile Lord Muruga defeats the demon Soorapatma. The next day of soorasamhara, the ceremony “Thirukkalyanam” beween Subramanya (Lord Muruga) and Deivayanai, Valli is celebrated and with this function Kandha Sashti Thiruvizha gets over.

Prayers and Vows

The pious devotees worship the deities and keep forward their demands at the feet of the deities. For Naga dosha, Raahu and Kedhu doshas, skin diseases, to get progeny (kuzhanthai peru) people make vows to do offerings to Sree Nagaraja. With his blessings when their demands come true, they offer Paal Payasam and perform Paalabishegam. Some install the idols of Nagas in the outer premise and do Paalabishegam to the Nagas under the Peepal tree and tribute milk, salt, pepper and wooden dolls. The devotees fulfill their vows to Sree Nagaraja.

Those who trust in Sree Nagaraja will witness improvement in all their endeavours.